CEO and Founder. Scott has 18 years experience in marketing plus 15+ years in hands on website development – that means real life scratch coding. He also has search engine optimization skills going back to 1999, when Google was just getting started. He’s built websites using code with HTML, CSS, Javascript, php, MySQL and has optimized sites for Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Bing and is an absolute expert at SEO for Google. Unlike most agency owners, Scott can actually design and develop a website in both HTML AND WordPress. He can then optimize the website for Google using both On-site SEO and Off-site SEO techniques including Social Media. Scott also teaches SEO techniques to junior SEO trainees and website design to DIY website developers. Additionally, he is a certified Microsoft database programmer, having owned a database company specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server database development. Scott now provides an advanced tutorial for professional database programmers on the use of Microsoft Access as a management tool for MySQL WordPress databases. Our SEO website, ranks Number 1 for numerous SEO terms in Vancouver Washington.